Pelsaert – Patrol Vessel

The Fisheries Patrol Vessel ‘P.V. Pelsaert’ was built to operate in the shallow waters of the Abrolhos Islands group. This area is highly exposed with weather conditions consistently exceeding 20 knots daily. The hull resembles that of the classic southerly lobster boats; a fine entry warping to a moderate deadrise aft, with the addition of an inflatable collar. While the collar contributes to the ultimate stability of the vessel, it forms no part of the watertight boundary and so stability and safety can be maintained even in the event of a puncture. The construction of this collar includes no internal bladders and so repairs can be carried out quickly and easily without the need to remove the collar from the vessel.

Pelsaert is powered by a single 353kW Yanmar diesel,  coupled to a reversible gearbox and Hamilton water jet. The deck layout is suited to the mild to hot climate in which the vessel will operate, featuring a wheelhouse with sliding windows and no rear bulkhead. The wheelhouse is forward raked to reduce heat gain and to improve forward vision. The space under the foredeck is lockable and is mainly used for storage and access to the forward deck, but does feature two emergency bunks. There are two suspension seats for the crew & four conventional seats for others when the vessel is undertaking diving support or research work. Above the two forward seats are a pair of moonlight hatches that not only provide light and ventilation when open, but allow the crew to stand on the seats, with head and shoulders above the roof line, for improved visibility in close quarters manoeuvring or search and rescue operations.  Commensurate with this mode of operation a second set of basic engine and steering controls are provided on the rooftop immediately forward of the starboard side hatch. Despite the presence of the engine cover, aft of the wheelhouse is a roomy working area complete with a full coverage awning. The absence of the aft wheelhouse bulkhead and continuous straight through deck contribute greatly to the workability and flexibility of this space.




Vessel Length 10.86 Meters
Launch Date May 2012
Vessel Type RHIB Patrol Boat
Survey Class NSCV 2B
Builder Western Boat Builders
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 11.31 m
Beam 3.75 m
Main Engine Yanmar 6LY3-ETP
Propulsion Water Jets
Speed Max 32 kts
Speed Cruise 24 kts
Fuel Capacity 900 L
Crew 2
Passengers 4

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