Sapphire – Lobster Boat Design

“Sapphire” was the last lobster boat design by Southerly Design’s before Ohana in 2014, and the last lobster boat built by Western Boat Builders before the crash in the lobster market in the early 2000’s. Sapphire’s main design focus was on keeping costs low, therefore the vessel was designed as a day boat with a basic fit out; only requiring a small live tank of 14 baskets and no on-board accommodation or generators. A secondary design consideration was speed. Due to being a day boat it was required to be able to reach the fishing zone, fish and return to port within a day. With the vessel having a top speed of 25 knots and a cruising speed between 18-20 knots, this allowed the vessel to reach the fishing zone faster, resulting in a greater amount of time spent fishing.


Vessel Length 17.7 Meters
Launch Date Oct 2003
Vessel Type Lobster Fishing Vessel
Survey Class USL 3B
Builder Western Boat Builders
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 18.6 m
Beam 5.5 m
Main Engine Caterpillar 3412E
Propulsion Fixed Pitch Propeller
Speed Max 25 kts
Speed Cruise 18 - 20 kts
Fuel Capacity 5,000 L
Freshwater Capacity 250 L
Accommmodation 4
Live Tank Capacity 14 Baskets
Crew 4
Passengers 0

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