Singapore Police Coast Guard Patrol Boat

Singapore Police Coast Guard Patrol Boat

The Singapore patrol boats have been designed specifically to operate at high speed with adequate stability, giving a stable and predictable ride. The hull features a wide beam to ensure a good planing area at speed, whilst also providing greater stability at rest. The design of the superstructure was kept as low and light as practical to ensure the vessels retained stability at large angles of heel. Also, the freeboard forward was sufficiently high to prevent deck immersion in extreme manoeuvres.

The Singapore Government was so satisfied that they exercised an option for a further seven vessels, after their initial order of 18.

Designed by the team at Southerly Design and built by Western Australian boat builders Strategic Marine.


Vessel Length 18 Meters
Launch Date Sep 1998
Vessel Type High Speed Patrol Boat
Survey Class 100A1 SSC Patrol Craft Mono HSC G2 Singapore Waters Service
Owner/Operator Singapore Police Coast Guard
Builder Strategic Marine
Number of Vessels 25
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 19.7 m
Beam 5.4 m
Main Engines MTU 16V 2000
Propulsion Water Jets
Speed Max 45+ kts
Speed Cruise 15 kts
Fuel Capacity 4,400 L
Crew 4

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