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Andrew is a degree qualified Mechanical Engineer; he joined Southerly Designs in 1999 after spending several years working in a diverse range of mining construction and engineering roles. During the last 16 years Andrew has worked closely with the other directors in developing the technical and engineering capability of the company. Currently, as Managing Director, he is responsible for the day to day running of the design office and the management of the design process from concept through to production output. During his time at Southerly Designs, Andrew has played a leading role in the continuous improvement in the level and quality of detail provided in the structural and engineering packages produce by the company for Strategic Marine and other clients.

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John has been a fisherman for more than 40 years and has many years involvement with the Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative as a Director. Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-op is the largest exporter of seafood in Australia, boasting an annual turnover of approximately A$90 million. John’s design experience is long and hard learnt as he had to prove his designs by using them for his own boats. The development over a number of boats proved to other owners that his design was far superior to others being offered on the market. Since the beginning of his design career he has kept pace with the varied demands of clients by developing a very successful range of mono hulls, and more recently a range of multi hulls. He has also kept up with design technology and uses the latest in design software for computer aided design (CAD).



Chris has a background in mechanical engineering. He started his marine career with Geraldton Boat Builders in 1994 working as shipyard draftsman and developed his capabilities over the next 3 years to become responsible for developing John’s designs for the company into complete design packages. In 1997 John and Chris branched out to form Southerly Designs and over the next 10 years Chris took the lead role in the sourcing & implementation of CAD/CAM into the design process, collating vessel data & developing performance algorithms for new designs. During this time Chris was responsible for training new staff & also progressively took over new vessel design from John. Chris has developed a strong reputation for his leading edge 3D design & visualisation capabilities.



Southerly Designs maintain a team of qualified technical staff that are trained in the use of specialist naval architecture & CAD/CAM software & its application to all aspects of vessel design. The skill sets of the team includes rule interpretation, stability, engineering structural analysis and drafting.