Black Jack: Lobster Fishing & Utility Vessel

Launched as a high speed lobster fishing vessel in 1995, Black Jack was capable of a top speed of 33 knots, powered by twin Hamilton jets. The use of jets over the traditional fixed pitch propeller allowed Black Jack to work comfortably in the shallow coral reefs of the Abrholos Islands. In 2013 she was purcased by Empress Marine and converted to a utility vessel. Black Jack has since performed work such as seismic surveys and offshore support roles, showing the versatility of a Southerly Design.


Vessel Length 15.37 Meters
Launch Date Jul 1995
Vessel Type Fishing / Utility Vessel
Survey Class NSCV 2B
Builder Geraldton Boat Builders
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 16.0 m
Beam 5.8 m
Main Engines 2 x MAN Marine Diesel
Propulsion 2 x Hamilton Water Jet
Speed Max 33 kts
Speed Cruise 25 kts
Fuel Capacity 3,600 L
Fresh Water Capacity 270 L
Crew 4
Passengers 12

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