North Islander

North Islander – Lobster Carrier/Supply Vessel

‘North Islander’ ┬áis a purpose built live lobster carrier/supply vessel for the Abrolhos rock lobster fisheries. Breaking new ground in carrier boat design, she carries up to 480 baskets of lobster in 17 tanks each of which has its own circulating and aeration pump. She is designed for total capacities 54.5 tonnes of seawater & 37,000 litres of fuel. There are fuelling points on each side and another at the transom for smaller boats, with an electronic fuel meter for operations. Other deliverables included bait, approx. 15 tonnes and around five tonnes of domestic supplies which are loaded by a knuckleboom crane at the transom, moved within the vessel by a monorail. The CAT C18 gives a service speed of 10.3 knots at an economical 10 litres per nautical mile. A bow thruster is also fitted.


Vessel Length 23.9 Meters
Launch Date May 2007
Vessel Type Live Lobster Carrier / Supply Boat
Survey Class USL 2B
Owner / Operator North Islander Charter
Builder Western Boat Builders
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 24.9 m
Beam 7.63 m
Main Engines CAT C18
Propulsion Fixed Pitch Propellor
Speed Max 11 kts
Speed Cruise 10.3 kts
Fuel Capacity 37,000 L
Crew 12

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