Ohana: Lobster Fishing Boat

Launched in 2015, Ohana was the first new lobster fishing boat to be built in Geraldton, for a decade. At 23.5 m, the Ohana lobster fishing boat is the largest ever built to date. Ohana set a new standard for the industry, with fuel capacity, carrying capacity and accommodation quality to cater for a variety of situations, including extended overnight stays and rough waters. Ohana has a live tank capacity of 128 baskets, equivalent to 4.5 tonnes of lobster. Built for fuel efficiency rather than speed the vessel is able to reach a top speed of 23 knots at full capacity, and attain a cruising speed of 15-17 knots.

Lobster Boat




Vessel Length 23.50 Meters
Launch Date Jan 2015
Vessel Type Lobster Fishing Vessel
Survey Class AMSA-NSCV 2B & 3B
Builder Xtreme Marine
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium
LOA 24.4 m
Beam 6.5 m
Main Engines 2 x MTU 8V2000 M72
Propulsion Fixed Pitch Propeller
Speed Max 23 kts
Speed Cruise 15 - 17 kts
Fuel Capacity 12,000 L
Fresh Water Capacity 1,000L
Accommodation 6
Live Tank Capacity 128 Baskets
Crew 4 / 6
Passengers 10 / 0

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