Daydawn: Lobster Fishing Vessel

Following the success of Ohana the impressive 23.95m, Daydawn has yet again raised the bar in the lobster fishing vessel market. Extensive research and testing into a new hull form for the offshore oil and gas market has paid dividends in terms of efficiency and stability. Apart from being the largest lobster boat ever built; Daydawn has the fuel, freshwater and accommodation capacities for extended voyages as well as a live tank capacity of 180 baskets. The sleek hull form achieves a maximum speed of 25 knots and cruises comfortably between 16-18 knots.



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Vessel Length 23.95 Meters
Launch Date Jan 2016
Vessel Type Lobster Fishing Vessel
Survey Class NSCV 2B & 3B
Builder Xtreme Marine
Construction Material Marine Grade Aluminium Hull, Composite Superstructure
LOA 24.95 m
Beam 6.8 m
Main Engines 2 x MTU 8V 2000 M72
Propulsion Fixed Pitch Propeller
Speed Max 25 kts
Speed Cruise 18 kts
Fuel Capacity 11,000 L
Freshwater Capacity 1,000 L
Accommodation 9
Live Tank Capacity 180 baskets
Crew 2 / 9
Passengers 10 / 0

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